Trump Should Release His Taxes

With the recent leaking of Donald Trump’s 1995 New York States tax returns by the New York Times, there has been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he paid zero taxes in 1995 to the State of New York.  That’s over 20 years ago.  This new information raises a few questions. First, who gave this information to the NYT?  Is it legal? Even if it is legal is it ethical? What are the privacy rights here.  But Trump, who doesn’t care much about privacy issues or ethical issues for that matter, doesn’t seem to care.  So, why

Presidential Candidate Preview: Evan McMillan

So, I was holding off on mentioning any of the Presidential candidates until something newsworthy came up about them.  The problem is that the two front runners for the office of POTUS are such jokes, there isn’t enough media time to give any of the tertiary candidates free air time.  Not to mention, that most of the rest of the candidate are too stable to ever warrant air time because of something outrageous they did. Until now, I haven’t spent a lot of time studying McMillan.  While I think he is sincere in his candidacy, I believe that he is

Presidential Candidate Preview: Gary Johnson

So, Governor Gary Johnson is making headlines because of his gaff regarding Aleppo, Syria.  Okay, I admit I am not the strongest on world politics, and I am not running for office.  However, If someone had asked me the exact same question: “What would you do, if elected president, about Aleppo?” I would have had no idea what he was talking about.  If he had added either the words “Syria” or “refugees” to his question I would have understood him and I think I could have given a competent answer.  So, I honestly think the wording of the question was

Balance the Budget but Don’t Amend

I support a balanced budget.  I have balanced my budget.  My wife have been living a debt free lifestyle for over 3 years now.  It was a tough road, but well worth the effort.  We have to cut back.  I can’t buy all the toys that I want, and our children don’t wear the most fashionable clothing.  However, we manage to rough life with some nice things, and we are happy. I support our government living with a balanced budget.  We need to get our government back in line, and we need to stop the excessive spending of money that we

Utah’s Online Tea Party

I woke up this morning and saw a few of my Facebook Friends who were heading to the Tea Party. I was envious. Then as I drove to Work, Bob Lonsberry was calling his program the Tea Part on Air. Realizing that there were a lot of you who may be like me. You may wish you could go to a Tea Party Event, but often find yourself having to care for your family (either by being at home or working a job). Well, now is your chance to participate. After you read my rants, take a minute to share

Jordan District Proves Their Unwillingness to Help Students

This morning the Deseret News reported that the Jordan School district has rejected a deal that could help them save a lot of money, and keep them from raising taxes again on the Citizens on the South West Side of Salt Lake County. While they claim its for the best. Let’s look what what the real reasons are. First, let’s look at why the Jordan School District Board refused to accept the offer from American Preparatory Academy (APA). They claim, “It makes no sense to build another school in an area where the population is declining,” said Steve Dunham, district