The Case FOR Amending the Constitution

This is part three of a three part series on controlling the power of our representatives. The first in the series was on term limits.  The second was on seniority in congress. After having read my first post in this series, I am sure many believed that I am opposed to amending the constitution.  I wish to state now very clearly I am not against amending the constitution.  I feel that amending the constitution is a very constitutional act.  Conner Boyack addresses this very well, and I will let you read his comments instead of spending too much time on

Do Utahns Really Want a Tax Increase?

I haven’t spoken much lately about a faulty Deseret News poll.  Not because they haven’t had them, but for the most part they were uninteresting.  Oh, they have gotten slightly better, but still they are skewed. However, the lastest poll results about Utahns wanting higher taxes is another example of their bias.  Look closely at the poll question to the right.  What do you see wrong with this picture? First, look at the question.  Is this not a leading question?  It is so leading that it is proceeded by 3 sentences.  Of course this is only to keep the uneducated

Unintended Consequences

I met with a couple of legislators this past week.  And when one of them was asked why are we having to wait in long lines to get our driver’s licenses renewed, the response was it’s an “unintended consequence” of the bill that we passed. To be completely honest, he seemed more interested in excusing their actions by calling them unintended consequences, then trying to explain the purpose of the bill that requires us to go through a longer lines to renew our licenses.  I personally support the reason behind this bill, and I am willing to go through the

Is It Charity If It Is Forced?

It is the season of giving and many people are feeling a little more charitable than usual.  many of us donate a little more our favorite organizations.  Here where I work we raised money for a coworker whose 1-year-old daughter is struggling with cancer.  It’s a good thing. As I study the concept of charity, I am often taken to Mosiah 4:16-19 where we are counseled to care for the needy.  It is important for us to care for those who need our help.  It is an important principle of the gospel. So, why not support the welfare system? Pyrolitical

Tobacco Ads Make me PUKe.

I don’t listen to the radio much any more.  I just find myself too busy.  However, I have heard several ads recently asking me to encourage my legislator to increase the tax on tobacco.  These ads are apparently from the American Cancer Society.  However, in the ad they say they are with the Protect Utah Kids (empire).  So, we will refer to them as PUKe to keep things simple. When you go to PUKe’s website to view the reasons why increasing the tobacco tax would be good, you don’t get much.  Rather, you keep getting pushed to sign their petition. 

Herbert Takes Over the Reins

It’s about the only thing in the news today.  Jon Hunstman was sworn in as the U.S. Ambassador to China, and Gary Herbert was sworn in as the 17th Governor of the State of Utah.  In my opinion this is a win-(hopefully)win situation for Utah. Governor Huntsman was a moderate.  He was well liked by the state, but he wasn’t the governor that I would have chosen to lead this state.  His departure opens the door for the more politically conservative Gary Herbert. I have written in the past about two separate incidents where Herbert had looked like the conservative