Jordan School District Board Wears Earplugs to Public Comments

My wife and I attended the first part of the public hearing at Riverton High School for the Jordan School Districts “Truth” in Taxation Meeting.  And the Jordan School District wasn’t holding the meeting to hear our opinions.  They were holding it because they were required by law. I don’t wish to deal with minutia on this matter, but it was amazing how little “information” they seemed interested in sharing.  First of all, for almost half of the slides that were presented at the beginning of the meeting the font was so small that you needed binoculars in order to

Noah, Nephi, and Today

I really wasn’t sure what to write about today.  I have had a few ideas but couldn’t decide.  Then as I read from the Book of Mormon during our family devotional time this evening, I knew what I had to write about.  But before I offer my insights from the Book of Mormon, please take a moment to watch this video. For some more information and insights into the video, check out Kathryn Skagg’s blog. After watching that video, I was impressed by what our family read during our devotional.  We read Helaman 7.  The verses the particularly struck me

Mike Honda: California Can’t Afford Federal Prisoners

The other day a friend and reader of this blog pointed this news item out to me.  Generally, I don’t follow national politics, and I don’t include The Hill as one of my must reads when it comes to news.  Not that I don’t think national politics are important, and not that I don’t think The Hill is worth reading.  However, I just have to prioritize my time, and national politics is rather low. With that in mind, let’s turn to the national political scene and give it a local twist.  I am going to break the mold because this

Say No to Renew the Zoo

About a month ago, Hogle Zoo emailed a coworker in the office where I work.  They asked if she would be willing to share and email with our office. The forwarded email essentially invited us to put a yard sign up at our homes. I immediately choose to offend half of the office, and I told them, that I would be voting no on Proposition 2. I became very unpopular. Not that I was popular before. I was accused of being a hypocrite because I attended the company summer picnic at the zoo, when I don’t support the zoo. I

The Jordan School Disctrict Twists Truth

We just received our copy of the Jordan School District’s Newsletter called Windows (pdf). For those who don’t get the publication it is supposed to be a way for the School District to communicate about the successes in the District to the people in the community. While it would be nice if they presented the failures too, they wouldn’t do that because then they would get a bad name. But that really isn’t the issue with the most recent publication. My big concern is the lie found on page two. Specifically, I am focused on the graphic that supposedly represents

Fair Tax. Are We Ready For It?

If you read any conservative blogs on the Internet, odds are you have read about the Fair Tax. I am actually surprised that it took my most recent article on taxes to finally bring someone out of the wood work on this site. Thanks Slam Smith for setting me up so nicely. First of all, I must say, in general, I support the concepts laid out by the Fair Tax people. There are a few things I disagree with, but that isn’t really the point of this discussion here. I like the idea of eliminating the Income Tax and shifting