Bush Spends Capital

According to President Bush and his administration, he has earned some political capital during the last campaign and he intends on spending it. If that is true, then I would argue that this state of the Union address was his budget for how he plans to spend his political capital. We are in a very unique national political situation for the next 4 years.  For the first time in decades, the next presidential campaign will not have an “incumbent” running for the highest office in our nation (and arguably the world).  So, when President Bush claims he has political capital

The State of Utah

Talking Utah… The State of the State Address was delivered by Governor Jon Huntsman last night.  And as this was the first State of the State Address for this governor, it was more of a my plans for the state address. As I listened, I was struck as either agreeing or disagreeing with what he said.  So, I thought I would outline my agreement and disagreements below: AGREE:  “Today, the marketplace is regional, national and global – with a level of speed and complexity not seen before in human history…. With capital flows that are instantaneous, our competition isn’t just