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First, I should probably apologize for taking back to your high school days and the horrid exams that we force upon your young children.  But frankly, I loved these logic questions.  I don’t know if I was any good at them, but I thought that they were a lot of fun. In the unlikely even that you don’t remember how to read the title, it says, “webOS is to open source as BYU is to independence.”  The point is to say that I wish to make a comparison between BYU’s decision to make their football program independent from any conference,

Stem Cell Miracles

I have written before about stem cell research and how adult stem cells are better for medical science then embryonic stem cells. Most of my information came from listening to the Michael Reagan radio program. Michael Williams is currently keeping a great list of the many developments that are directly related to adult stem cell research. Generally I don’t support the idea of government funded research accept for research that is directly related to the military. And the idea of funding research for embryonic stem cell research is wrong. However, since research is already funded by the government then we

Fabulous Farding Friday: Hard Drives

Mine Crashed. I knew it was going to. My computer kept warning me. And since the move the warnings got more frequent. “Back up your data and replace you hard drive,” it would say, almost over other time I would turn on my computer. But I knew it had a little more time. So, I just kept on using my computer, telling myself that I would fix it later. After all, I have never had a hard drive completely crash on me before. So, I waited. Well, last Saturday, I came home from work, and my kids said the computer

Gag Order On Google

A few months back, Michael Medved, had as a guest on his program one of the founders of BuyBlue.org to discuss the merits of their website and program. Buy Blue is basically an organization that lists which companied donate to liberal and conservative caused, thus informing consumers of who their purchases effect the political climate. Their mission statement reads: You may have voted blue, but every day you unknowingly help dump millions of dollars into the conservative war chest. By purchasing products and services from companies that donate heavily to conservatives, we have been compromising our own interests as liberals

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record from the last blog, I find myself needing to address the issue of “edited,” “cleaned,” or “sanitized” videos because the Washington Post discussed it and on his show Michael Medved debated it (not a link to actual Medved commentary). Here in Utah, this is a big thing. I guess that here in Utah we are so starved for entertainment that we have to turn to movies that generally violate our personal standards. But in an effort to maintain our standards we have our videos edited for us. I am glad that

Porn Bill – No Worries

Talking Utah… The ACLU is at it again. Despite the fact that pornography has been defined as out of the perview of free speech in many legal cases (talk to a good lawyer if you really want to know which one’s they are), The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is fighting HB 260. They claim that this bill is a violation of the pornographers free speech rights. I personally would argue that you don’t have a right to pervert the world with your filth, but regardless of that. HB 260 is not a violation of your “rights” to put such