Pillar Six: Arts and Recreation

With all the news lately, I have neglected one of my favorite projects.  So let’s look at pillar six of the Seven Pillars of Society.  For the sixth pillar I would like to review society’s art and recreation. Art is obviously the creative side of any community.  This can include paintings, sculpture, literature, music, and plays. Art through the years has often been thought to be a representation of society. It can be a reflection of the beauty, darkness, or psyche of the people who lived in the time of the art.  But art can also have a great influence

Faith Under Attack: Media’s Corruption of Christian Values

One of the primary reasons for my picking up the proverbial pen and blogging again, was because of lack of traditional Christian values in our day. I am not so naive as to believe that these values haven’t been waning for generations.  But I do feel that they are on the brink of becoming extinct. I am especially impressed with Matt Walsh’s continued pleading with his fellow Christian’s to start living the Gospel that Jesus Christ taught. He calls for them to not try and fit their faith around their sins, but rather to use their faith to help them

I Don’t Fit the Mold

Maybe it’s because I am from Utah, but I don’t fit the statistic the Michael Medved quotes in his recent column on TV and Liberalism. I openly admit that I am a TV addict. I love TV and if I watch at least an hour everyday. Okay, I don’t get the 4 hours a day like the truly die hard viewers in the study, but I do watch a lot. Medved also comments that the research is inconclusive as to the cause of the correlation between television and liberalism. It is not known whether TV makes one more liberal or

Mediacenter – ABC4.com

Despite my previous criticism of ABC4, they have put together a moving tribute to the men and women from Utah who gave their live since Sept. 11, 2001. I invite you to watch as you finish off your memorial day. Thanks to all the men and women who put their life down for our country, and to those who are currenlty putting or have put their life on the line so that I can be free.

ABC4 Was Irresponsible in EMO Report

Last night ABC4 presented a very interesting piece on another teen phenomenon that is harmful to the teens.  While teens are known to participate in risky behavior some of it is just too risky to let slide. I don’t want to bore you with rehashing the story, because while it is important, it isn’t my point.  However, before you read on, please watch their online video (warning there are several images that might not be for the faint of heart). Sure some of the images were disturbing, and the thought of this new counter culture is bothersome, but what really

2 for 2

Okay, this is not about the recent Jazz wins. Sorry Jazz Fans, but I am not a big follower of Sports, except for baseball. Instead I just wanted to brag a bit. Well, I don’t know if this is something to be proud of, because some times those who write Letters to the Editors can be a little loopy. However, I have written only two Letters to the Deseret News (or any other newspaper). Of those two letter, exactly two have been published. The main reason that I mention this is because I considered writing here about the Deseret News’