Broken TV – Without a Trace

I loved this show.  A year ago if you had asked me what my favorite show on TV was I would have said the Amazing Race, but this was a close second. However, it was about a year ago that this show started going down hill.  I remember writing a letter to CBS telling them that one of the reasons that I watched TV was for a little entertainment and to see that good does happen in the world.  Then I explained to them that Without a Trace was starting to focus too much on the evil, and not providing

Bent TV – CSI

I used to watch CSI.  I probably gave it more time then it was worth during the first couple of years. During that time, one thing consistently bothered me.  Crime Scene Investigators don’t make arrests!  Yet, Grisham always ended the show in glory, by being at the arrest and flaunting his glorious mind. I started to give up on the show because of that, but its bent direction finally turned me away for good. Admittedly, I haven’t watch CSI for years.  I really have no idea what is going on with each character, and I really don’t care.  Thus, all

Bent and Broken Television

Despite the fact that I may be chasing some people away.  I wish to further discuss television for a while.  I would like to set up my next few discussion about specific TV shows by providing you with a little of my background on the perspective that I will be taking. As I have mentioned earlier, I have a keen interest in the Thomas Jefferson Education Model of teaching.  While I don’t believe that the following perspective is unique to this model, I was introduced to this perspective from Oliver Van DeMille. In his book on Thomas Jefferson Education, DeMille

TV – Survivor

Lately this has been a show that I have felt that I could do without, but I still find myself spending an hour each week watching it. You may have noticed that 3 of the 4 shows that I have mentioned are so called “reality” TV shows.  If you will grant me a little aside, I wish to discuss why I watch so much reality TV.  The main reason is that for the most part the “reality” TV does not offend my value system.  It may be mind “numbing.” But it isn’t offensive. Yes, Survivor might be some what questionable

TV – American Inventor

I have heard some criticisms about American Inventor, and truth be known I am not sure that it is all that great of a show, but I am captivated by it.  I don’t believe that I have missed a single episode, and it was funny to see what some consider what a great invention is.  My wife and I can’t wait until we get our hands on a bladder buddy (link is to a video). Yes, there was some good comedy in the show, and perhaps that is part of why I watched.  But the main reason that I started


Well, I have been debating all night (morning) about whether I should write this column about LOST.  After watching last night’s episode, I am not sure that I like this show very much. LOST has been steeped in a lot of criticism lately.  Many people have given up on the show because the writers aren’t giving out any hints about the “big mystery.”  Well, I have been very interested in the mystery of the island. I first started to watch LOST because of the mention that two of the people stranded on the island were Koreans.  Having served a mission