TV – The Amazing Race

I remember a few years back, when the Amazing Race was about to air, there was another show with a somewhat similar premise.  If I recall correctly the name of that show was called Lost, not to be confused with the show presently running today with the same title. Lost was to be a show where people were stranded in the middle of nowhere and they were to return home (or some predetermined place).  If I recall correctly, the only thing that the abandoned people had was a few supplies in their backpacks. Basically, they had enough footage to run

I love TV

Whether you like it or not, TV is a part of our lives and it is not going away.  I happen to be one of those people who loves TV.  Based on my actions alone, it is something that I value.  It isn’t the only thing that I value, and it isn’t my most important value.  But if values are things that we spend our time doing, than TV is a value of mine. However, as I have said before, TV isn’t always valuable.  There is a lot of garbage that clutters the airwaves and a lot of it should

Just Don’t Watch It

You all know that I am a big media critic. You know that I don’t support much of what is available on TV, and if it is smut, that it shouldn’t be there.  You know that I would love for TV to go back to the good old shows like the Cosby Show, Knight Rider, and Early Edition.  So you might wonder why I am not going to call KSL and request them to preempt the new show the Book of Daniel. Let me explain.  WTWO in Indiana has made the correct decision to not air this show.  As a

TV Executives Need to Take Responsibility

Sex is an addiction. Of all human passions, food, entertainment, sleep, etc. there is only one that cannot be satiated. You can eat too much. You can play too much. And you can sleep too much. However, sex researchers have found that sex in insatiable. (Source can be provided upon request). And the TV executives know this. They use sex to draw people to their programs and sometimes it succeeds. It is especially successful among the population that is the most curious about it. Teenagers love to watch shows like The O.C. and Desperate Housewives. I remember in my day

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record from the last blog, I find myself needing to address the issue of “edited,” “cleaned,” or “sanitized” videos because the Washington Post discussed it and on his show Michael Medved debated it (not a link to actual Medved commentary). Here in Utah, this is a big thing. I guess that here in Utah we are so starved for entertainment that we have to turn to movies that generally violate our personal standards. But in an effort to maintain our standards we have our videos edited for us. I am glad that

I Need to Get a “Real”ity Life

Alright, I admit it.  I am a “Reality TV” junkie.  I do have to admit, thought, that Survivor is really starting to rub me the wrong way.  Also, I hate all of the “dating” shows (i.e., The Bachelor). The best unscripted drama (Mark Burnett’s term for reality TV, and the term I prefer) is The Amazing Race.  If you haven’t seen it, then you are missing out.  Basically, it is a race around the world.  There are challenges through out, that make the game more interesting. Despite the fact that the last season was a real sleeper (the first sleeper in all