Pillar Seven: Communication and Media

To round off our discussion about the seven pillars of society, we will now look at Communication.  I believe that when the concept of communication was develop it did not include media, but since media is such a big part of our modern society I decided to add it just to clarify that media is part of this pillar. Communication has varying forms.  In more ancient societies, communication included the oral traditions, as well as the town caller who would announce things like news.  There is also letters and newspapers that are part of communications.  As we have become more

Utah GOP Shuns at Anti-Hatch/Bennett Message

The Utah Republican Party doesn’t like fellow Republicans who voice their opinion against their candidates. Did you know that the Utah Republican Party has a blog.  It’s called Leadership that Deliverers and it is generally fairly informative and fun to read.  I commend them in their efforts to reach out their party members and the public through blogging. However, about a week ago, the party bloggers posted their support for Hatch and Bennett’s votes on the bail out bill. Immediately after reading the post, I commented that I disagreed with them. Then I watched waiting for my comment to be

Hatch is Wrong on Bailout

My friend email Senator Orrin Hatch about the recent bail out bill that he supported at the beginning of the month.  I believe that my friend’s email was letting Hatch know that he didn’t support the bail out.  And this was the response that he received from Hatch. It is just further eveidence as to why the 110th congress needs to be removed from duty.  I share the email in its entirety.  But of course, I have to pause for comment. (Just for clarification, the italicized and indented portion is the letter from Hatch, the rest are my thoughts.) From:

Nationwide Fast Day

About three months ago, I came to a realization.  I realized that I haven’t been doing my part in petitioning God for his help in leading this nation.  I think I was listening to the radio and I heard a host comment about how he prays for the leaders. I have to admit that while on occasion I do pray for my leaders, I don’t do it regularly.  Ever since then I have made an effort to pray for our leaders.  I have tried to mention the President, my Federal Representatives, the Governor of Utah, and my state legislators, and

Convention Thoughts: McCain

Well, like Sarah Palin, I thought that McCain’s speech started out fairly slow.  It just didn’t seem to have much going for it.  ABC’s pundits agreed with me.  they said that it was like two different speeches. Because when he was done talking about his service for our country, he started to get into it.  He hit hard on many issues.  Talking about issues the way that I want him to.  Tough on immigration, open on energy, and limiting the control of government. However, to be honest with you, looking at McCain’s past, I find it hard to believe.  Palin

Convention Thoughts: Palin Power

Yesterday’s speeches were a lot better than the previous day’s speeches.  Rudy Giulianni and Sarah Palin really brought it home to the Democrats.  I will be honest that to a certain extent I felt like they were attacking too much.  But everything they said was true. Rudy hit home on many important points, and his speech was as good as Fred Thompson’s speech yesterday.  I was rather impressed.  He liken Sarah Palin to himself.  Both of them haven’t served as mayors.  This probably brought a few Giuliani votes over to the McCain-Palin ticket. The house stopper though was the “keynote”