Convention Thoughts: Fred and Joe

Okay, I have to admit, I didn’t watch any of the Democratic National Convention.  I just didn’t think that I could palate any of the rhetoric they are famous for.  Actually, I was pretty immersed in watching several DVDs that I had on my list to watch. But for some strange reason, I find myself with no DVDs and extra time to watch the Repbulican National Convention.  So, last night I listened th President Bush, Fred Thompson, and Joe Lieberman. President Bush was mediocre.  He really isn’t a great speaker.  And I can’t remember much about what he said.  I

Chaffetz: Principled Representation

Last night I took the opportunity to attend a “cottage” meeting with Jason Chaffetz and Carl Wimmer at the Riverton Library.  Again, my enthusiasm for these two candidates was renewed. I have worked on only three campaigns in my entire life.  Okay, I am still relatively young, and three is probably more than most people work on.  However, my point is that I won’t campaign for a candidate unless I believe that candidate has the same principles as I do. That’s why I am working on the Chaffetz campaign.  He speaks to the things that are important to me. Jason

One Hundred Push Ups

I am going to start this training program next week.  I am currently nursing a sore shoulder after throwing it out during a volleyball game, so hopefully, it will healed by this Saturday. I will try to report in a few times over the next couple of weeks and let you know how it goes. My estimation is that I am at a level 3 based on the intial test, but that was from push ups that I used to do 6 months ago.  I haven’t been doing them lately, so I might not do it quite as well. Being