I Was Wrong

This is an apology post. Because I was wrong about today’s convention. First, I was wrong about my live blogging. When I got there, they were charging for Wi-Fi access, and when I plugged in my Wireless Access Card, I had already exceeded my monthly allotment. Frankly, I am too cheap to pay. Second, I was wrong with my prediction. I predicted that the race would be near 50-50 for Lee and Bridgewater. To some friends I said that it would probably be 51 for Lee and 49 for Bridgewater. As you are well aware, it was a whopping 57%

How I Would Vote, If I Could

Well, it looks like I am a little slow in sharing my support. It seems that State Senators, fellow bloggers, and Radio Commentators have all already made their picks known. And I have shared my opinion with only a few friends and my wife. So, I guess it is time to let you all know how I would vote if I could. Unfortunately I was not elected as a delegate in my precinct this year for a number of reasons, but I am happy with at least one of those who was elected. The other delegate hasn’t shared her opinion,

Thoughts on the Delegate System in Utah

My favorite whipping boy is at it again. Dan Jones and the Deseret News published misleading poll results again. You would think that they would learn from their mistakes, but since I am the only one calling them to the table, why bother, right? In their latest poll findings, the Deseret News reports that Utahns don’t like that a candidate can be eliminated in the convention. However, again we must ask ourselves, “What was the exact question?” And as with all polls that seem to have a problem, we see that the question is a little long winded. Brace yourself

Sometimes Second Isn’t the First Loser

I was asked by one of my readers (and a gentleman whom I had the privelege of serendipitously meeting this week) about the Republican State Convention voting system, and how I feel it will play out. The exact questions were: “So have you thought about the mechanics of the voting? Would there be a strategy to go with one canidate over another?” And my thoughts are summed up in the title of this post. This is one place where second could actually lead to being first. Let me explain. Start by Looking at the Polls There are several recent polls.

Utah’s Online Tea Party

I woke up this morning and saw a few of my Facebook Friends who were heading to the Tea Party. I was envious. Then as I drove to Work, Bob Lonsberry was calling his program the Tea Part on Air. Realizing that there were a lot of you who may be like me. You may wish you could go to a Tea Party Event, but often find yourself having to care for your family (either by being at home or working a job). Well, now is your chance to participate. After you read my rants, take a minute to share

Jordan District Proves Their Unwillingness to Help Students

This morning the Deseret News reported that the Jordan School district has rejected a deal that could help them save a lot of money, and keep them from raising taxes again on the Citizens on the South West Side of Salt Lake County. While they claim its for the best. Let’s look what what the real reasons are. First, let’s look at why the Jordan School District Board refused to accept the offer from American Preparatory Academy (APA). They claim, “It makes no sense to build another school in an area where the population is declining,” said Steve Dunham, district