Children Left Behind

I ‘m mad at Bush, again.  Granted, I am one of those right wing nuts, who doesn’t like anything moderate to liberal.  But this time he has gone too far. First, I am not a fan of the “No Child Left Behind” education program that Bush has set in place.  It’s intentions are good, as are most liberal/moderate government programs, but its roots are evil. Small government is the key.  Federal control of our lives leads to fewer freedoms, and our freedoms are essential to our economy and our lives. So, when the Federal Government comes in and starts mandating

Moderate Huntsman?

Talking Utah… I voted for John Huntsman, and I was glad to do so.  And even with the reservations that I have.  I would probably vote for him again. My most recent reservation was his inaugural speech at Abravanel Hall.  He said that he does not want to known “as a protector of the status quo, but as an agent of change.”  Now I completely agree that there needs to be change in Utah Government.  And I will support Huntsman’s call for change, as long as it goes in the directions I cast my vote for. However, I am afraid