The Poll Gone Wrong

It’s probably a little late to be posting this. But, I have been needing some more personal time lately, and so I took it. However, I wanted to address the problem that happened with the poll about two weeks ago. If you don’t know the story follow the comment stream on the post Meeting the Candidates. The Breakdown Essentially, it appears that some one set up their computer with a macro to keep logging for Tim Bridgewater (or they have no life and they just kept refreshing and voting). At first, I was very impressed with the new hits that

Meet the Candidates: Final Thoughts

While speaking with these candidates, I questioned one about one of the differences I had with the candidate, he quoted Ronald Reagan. “My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy.” While, I don’t know the original context of Reagan’s statement, it was explained to me that just because I may disagree with this candidate on an issue or two, it doesn’t mean I should be against them. It’s a good thought. However, as you can see from my assessment with each of the candidates. Each of them is in some part my “friend.” I have a lot in common politically

Meet the Candidates: Mike Lee

I first met Mike Lee back in December, before he officially entered the race. I was excited to here about his campaign, and I was looking forward to meeting him. From everything I was hearing, Mike Lee was going to be my candidate. Of all the candidates running for the Senate position, I believe that Lee has the best understanding of the constitution. Lee has studied the constitution for years, and recently served with Justice Alito. Serving with a Justice of the Supreme Court can only help in your understanding of the constitution. In my first meeting with Lee, I

Meet the Candidates: Cherilyn Eagar

My impressions of Cherilyn Eagar are based on two events and several crossings of paths. As stated in previous posts, I have listened to a debate between Cherilyn Eagar and Tim Bridgewater. I also observed her in the Murray Library meeting with several other Senate Candidates. Beyond those I have had no other meetings with Eagar. However, I have seen her at just about every Republican Event that I have been to in the past year. One of the biggest pluses from the Eagar campaign is her efforts. She has worked hard to get her message out. Probably the hardest

Meet the Candidates: Tim Bridgewater

My assessment of Tim Bridgewater is based on three events. The event that stands out most in my mind is the telephone town hall meeting, that he held last week. Second in my mind was the debate on the Bob Lonsberry program with Cherilyn Eagar. And the most recent is the Meet the Candidates event at the Murray Library. Bridgewater was unable to attend the library meeting, but he was represented by his wife, Laura Bridgewater, who did a great job. It’s nice to see that his spouse is knowledgable about the issues, and can hold her own in such