They Missed the Point

There is political agenda out there when it comes to sex and our teenagers.  And this agenda is to give them condoms because they are going to do it anyway (a fallacy of the sex pushers). A recent article in the Journal of Adolescent Health presents the right data, but draws the wrong conclusion.  Go ahead.  Read the abstract (sorry a subscription is need for the full test).  The results are: Pledgers are consistently less likely to be exposed to risk factors across a wide range of indicators, but their STD infection rate does not differ from non-pledgers. A recent article

Marriage Revitalized?

Although presently I am not involved in the field of Family and Marriage Development, I still have a keen interest. I studied Marriage and Family for too many years to count; I have two degrees in marraige and child development. From this experience, I understand the importance of marriage to children and our society. That’s why when I read the news that the divorce rate has declined in 2004, I got a little excited. But before I get to my excitement I want to clarify something.  There is an absurd myth out there that says 50% of all marriages in America

Twisting the Truth about Women in the Church

I am not a woman, so perhaps that should preclude me from even discussing this. However, I feel justified because I have worked with many women in and out of the Church. I have also been educated in the Feminist/Critical Theories. Regardless of my qualifications, I can write about what I want because I can. Margaret Toscano has an obvious agenda in her recent discussion of women in the Church at a Mormon Studies Conference and Utah Valley State College. But the fact that she had an agenda is not really the point of argument. Toscano’s arguments to prove her

What’s Up with the Sabbath Day?

I just don’t get it. It seems to me, that this nation was founded on a Christian ethic. But that ethic has become too much of an inconvenience. Recently, a local news paper, the Deseret Morning News, published an article on the waning practice of closing businesses on Sunday. In a state where rough 70% of the population claim to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am really appalled at the numbers that were found in the survey.  It appears that 63% of the State of Utah is willing to shop on Sunday. You would think that for