Fabulous Farding Friday: I Am Tired of Graveyards

If you don’t know, I work the graveyard shift (our company calls it the hoot owl or hoot for short). And I am ready to change my shift. When I first took this position with this company it was with the idea that I would work our day shift. But it seems that there has always been one reason or another why I can’t go to that shift. And I am getting tired of all the excuses. Perhaps, it is because I am being too forthright with my boss and telling him that I don’t like my shift and I

Fabulous Farding Friday: Wow! Things Have Been Busy

Yes, I know. Things around here have been rather quite. I have been very busy lately. First of all, I haven’t really had a quiet day at work for a long time. A little something that you might want to know because it could be a question on “Millionaire” or “Jeopardy” is that the ocean shipping business’s peak season starts in July and lasts until December. That’s because the retail industry is getting ready for Christmas. But that isn’t the only thing that has been keeping me busy. You see, everytime we get pregnant we decide to move. Okay, that’s

Fabulous Farding Friday: The Desk Report

Big deal….  So, I got a desk…. Well, I thought it was a big deal last week.  That is until I get in on Monday only to find out that I didn’t have a computer at the desk.  So, I am still at the mercy of sitting at someone else’s desk. Well, I had the past couple of days off from work (an attempt to make up for the fact that I have the next 11 days on).  So, I figured, no problem the computer should be installed and running by the time I get in today.  NOT!!!! So part

Fabulous Farding Friday: I am Giddy

It’s time for another installment of Fabulous Farding Friday. And while that makes me giddy. That’s not the giddiness I wish to talk about. But before we get to the giddy… I am not giddy because of this: Actually, I am a little upset about this. I am upset at the response that I got. Very few even bothered to repond to the whole baby name thing. Maybe it’s because I didn’t offer a prize, as some have suggested. So, I am contemplating throwing out there a small prize. It would be a top of the line (i.e., the cheapest

I Came to Work Sick…

I am not feeling very good right now.  I am at work (I usually blog at work, during the down time).  I would (probably should) blog at home, but there is no such thing as down time when you have a family of 6. Anyways, I was driving to work, and I wasn’t feeling very good.  I got less then a block to work, and I spewed all over in my car.  I felt a little better, so, I cleaned up the car with what I had available; Diapers.  Yes, they were clean and unused.  It was the only absorbent