An Open Letter to the House and Senate

Dear Republican Congresspersons and Senators, For those of you elected or reelected this term, congratulations on your victory.  Whether you were reelected or if this is your first time having the privilege of representing your constituency, you have a great responsibility before you.  And while, I also mean the responsibility to lead our country and to help make it more in line with the constitution, I am writing specifically to ask you to keep the new President in line with Republican values and constitutional principles. During the campaign season, President-elect Donald Trump called for several changes that would be direct

No matter who wins…

No matter who wins this is my country. No matter who wins I will continue to love this place.  No matter who wins I will continue living here.  No matter who wins, she or he will be my president.  That won’t mean I will agree with their policies.  That won’t mean that I will fight for their agenda.  But I will fight to protect them as an individual and to honor the office that they hold. I don’t believe that our country will be in total ruin regardless of who wins.  I won’t think that this is the “finale” season

Trump vs. David, Cyrus, and Saul of Tarsus

I just got through reading Erick Erickson’s open response to the varying Christians’ declaration that Donald Trump is the chosen leader by God to make our country a nation great again.  And like Erickson, I find their conviction disturbing at best.  They often cite the biblical stories of David, Cyrus, and Saul of Tarsus who became Paul.  I think the email that Erickson received put it best, “You, of all people, who are studying the Bible, KNOW about CYRUS, DAVID, SAUL OF TARSUS, etc. were used for God’s purposes! God can even use a donkey” (emphasis is the original authors).

Faltering Faith: Obedience to Commandments

I used to get excited when I heard about a famous person declaring their faith in Christ.  I used to think that there might be hope for this nation to become a Christian Nation again.  However, recently, I have found that not all Christianity is the same.  Not all Christian churches teach that obedience is important for the development of their followers. In a recent interview, Jen Hatmaker of HGTV fame, at least that’s what the Internet tells me, declared that a sexual relationship between two people of the same gender is holy.  I honestly can’t believe that I just

My Vote for President

If you had asked me back in July after the Republican National Convention who I was going to vote for, I would have told you without equivocation that I was voting for Ted Cruz by writing him in.  My support for Cruz was not something that I took lightly.  When I first took note of his candidacy, I was hesitant. I thought to myself, who is this first term Senator with not much experience at the federal level or the executive level to think he is the best man for the job.  But I was willing to investigate him.  I

Seven Pillars of Society: Conclusion

If you haven’t already, you should go back to the beginning of this series and read about the Seven Pillars of Society.  Also, take some time to study up on each of the seven pillars and my view of how they influence one another. In the original post about the Seven Pillars I posed the question of which of these pillars should rule or control the others.  As I was writing these posts I realized that the word choice was poor, and you may have noticed the slight change in how I addressed each pillars dominance in relationship to one