Pillar Five: Education

Education is the fifth pillar I would like to discuss in the Seven Pillars of Society series.  Education as a pillar is fairly easy to understand and explain.  It is the system of a society that is used to educate the next generation.  This education can be as simple as basic language and math skills to teaching the values and culture of the society or to the more complicated systems of philosophy, analytics, and rhetoric. The education pillar relates to the other pillars across the spectrum in varying ways.  For example, educations relationship to religion plays at least two roles.

Trump Should Release His Taxes

With the recent leaking of Donald Trump’s 1995 New York States tax returns by the New York Times, there has been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he paid zero taxes in 1995 to the State of New York.  That’s over 20 years ago.  This new information raises a few questions. First, who gave this information to the NYT?  Is it legal? Even if it is legal is it ethical? What are the privacy rights here.  But Trump, who doesn’t care much about privacy issues or ethical issues for that matter, doesn’t seem to care.  So, why

False Dichotomies: Science vs. Religion

Last month I had a Facebook friend post a picture of a t-shirt that read something like “Too stupid to understand sceince? Try religion.”  Not only did I find this to be a rather narrow view of scientists and perhaps offensive to my scientist friends who accept both religion and science in their lives, I couldn’t help but think how misleading that shirt is about reality.  Truth is that this friend’s post is what sparked my writing about false dichotomies all together. The problem here is that science and religion are NOT on opposite sides of the spectrum.  Science is

Article V Convention of States

When I first heard about the recent Article V Convention of States Simulation that happened last weekend, I was first a bit skeptical about it’s timing.  I guess I always figured that this would be for a time when the failure of our country was eminent.  And maybe it is.  But I like to think optimistically, so I just don’t want to think we are there. So, with my skepticism, I just thought that Mark Levin was trying to promote his Radio and TV programs, and left it at that.  However, after hearing an interview with Mark Meckler on the

Pillar Four: Economy

The fourth pillar I would like to discuss in the Seven Pillars of Society series is the pillar of economy. The economy is any means that the society uses for the exchange of goods.  This could be a rudimentary as a bartering system or a more complex arrangement of credits and debits.  Or even in our modern era a system like bitcoins. It is amazing to me how much the economy becomes are part of every aspect of society.  The government needs and exchange system in order for it to have the means to fund itself.  Religion require the benevolent

Some Thoughts on Glenn Beck’s Reaction to Ted Cruz’s Endorsement

So, I have to admit, after hearing Glenn Beck’s reaction to Mark Levin’s decision to vote for Donald Trump, I was expecting a lot more kind approach to Ted Cruz’s decision.  Perhaps it is because Cruz encouraged others to vote for Trump or because he used the word “endorse” in his announcement.  But I actually think that it is a lot more personal than that. As I have said before, I have study Family Science. As a result of my education, I often see thing in the world through the eyes of psychology.  And I think that often in politics