What I Learned from the Iraqis

This weekend I was moved.  I felt a deep sense of pride, excitement, shame, and wonder.  The emotion was so great I couldn’t physically react by wanting to cry. Don’t worry.  I was still too much of a man to actually do that. I was so moved by those who voted in the Iraq election.  The first news story I saw was in regards to expatriates from Iraq who voted here in the United States.  The glee in their eyes, the joy in their faces, and the passion in their bodies was moving. Some of these great men and women

A Soldier from Home

I first heard about the 31 marines who lost their lives in a recent helicopter attack and crash from a fellow blogger.  Frankly, I didn’t think much of it. I usually don’t. Perhaps, it is too painful for me to open my mind to the men and women who are dying for me.  Perhaps, I am too selfish to really care.  Perhaps, I am just a heartless fool. But the death of these Soldiers has really come to touch me recently. Cpl. Matthew Reed Smith was one of these 31 marines who gave his life so that the Iragi people

What’s Up with the Sabbath Day?

I just don’t get it. It seems to me, that this nation was founded on a Christian ethic. But that ethic has become too much of an inconvenience. Recently, a local news paper, the Deseret Morning News, published an article on the waning practice of closing businesses on Sunday. In a state where rough 70% of the population claim to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am really appalled at the numbers that were found in the survey.  It appears that 63% of the State of Utah is willing to shop on Sunday. You would think that for

I Came to Work Sick…

I am not feeling very good right now.  I am at work (I usually blog at work, during the down time).  I would (probably should) blog at home, but there is no such thing as down time when you have a family of 6. Anyways, I was driving to work, and I wasn’t feeling very good.  I got less then a block to work, and I spewed all over in my car.  I felt a little better, so, I cleaned up the car with what I had available; Diapers.  Yes, they were clean and unused.  It was the only absorbent

The State of Utah

Talking Utah… The State of the State Address was delivered by Governor Jon Huntsman last night.  And as this was the first State of the State Address for this governor, it was more of a my plans for the state address. As I listened, I was struck as either agreeing or disagreeing with what he said.  So, I thought I would outline my agreement and disagreements below: AGREE:  “Today, the marketplace is regional, national and global – with a level of speed and complexity not seen before in human history…. With capital flows that are instantaneous, our competition isn’t just