Supporting Convention of States but not Term Limits

My son asked me the other day why I was supporting the Convention of States, when I was against Term Limits.  And his question is very valid, especially since according to a Convention of States poll, the most popular reason for people to support the Convention of States is because they want Term Limits.  The truth of the matter is I also don’t support the 2nd most popular reason people are supporting a Convention of States.  I am opposed to a Balanced Budget Amendment. There may even be a third of the 9 proposed amendments that I am opposed to,

The Case FOR Amending the Constitution

This is part three of a three part series on controlling the power of our representatives. The first in the series was on term limits.  The second was on seniority in congress. After having read my first post in this series, I am sure many believed that I am opposed to amending the constitution.  I wish to state now very clearly I am not against amending the constitution.  I feel that amending the constitution is a very constitutional act.  Conner Boyack addresses this very well, and I will let you read his comments instead of spending too much time on