Bears Ears falls on Deaf Ears

According to the North American Bear Center, a bear’s “hearing is over twice the sensitivity of human hearing and exceeds human frequency ranges.”  A bear’s ears are their first line of defense.  If you have ever hiked in bear country you know that noise if your best protection you can carry with you.  Talking with a hiking partner or whistling let the bear know that you are there, and thus to stay away. Because if you surprise a bear he will chose to defend herself and that means trouble for humans. So, I find it quite ironic that Obama’s recent

Supporting Convention of States but not Term Limits

My son asked me the other day why I was supporting the Convention of States, when I was against Term Limits.  And his question is very valid, especially since according to a Convention of States poll, the most popular reason for people to support the Convention of States is because they want Term Limits.  The truth of the matter is I also don’t support the 2nd most popular reason people are supporting a Convention of States.  I am opposed to a Balanced Budget Amendment. There may even be a third of the 9 proposed amendments that I am opposed to,

Article V Convention of States

When I first heard about the recent Article V Convention of States Simulation that happened last weekend, I was first a bit skeptical about it’s timing.  I guess I always figured that this would be for a time when the failure of our country was eminent.  And maybe it is.  But I like to think optimistically, so I just don’t want to think we are there. So, with my skepticism, I just thought that Mark Levin was trying to promote his Radio and TV programs, and left it at that.  However, after hearing an interview with Mark Meckler on the