An Open Letter to the House and Senate

Dear Republican Congresspersons and Senators, For those of you elected or reelected this term, congratulations on your victory.  Whether you were reelected or if this is your first time having the privilege of representing your constituency, you have a great responsibility before you.  And while, I also mean the responsibility to lead our country and to help make it more in line with the constitution, I am writing specifically to ask you to keep the new President in line with Republican values and constitutional principles. During the campaign season, President-elect Donald Trump called for several changes that would be direct

Trump vs. David, Cyrus, and Saul of Tarsus

I just got through reading Erick Erickson’s open response to the varying Christians’ declaration that Donald Trump is the chosen leader by God to make our country a nation great again.  And like Erickson, I find their conviction disturbing at best.  They often cite the biblical stories of David, Cyrus, and Saul of Tarsus who became Paul.  I think the email that Erickson received put it best, “You, of all people, who are studying the Bible, KNOW about CYRUS, DAVID, SAUL OF TARSUS, etc. were used for God’s purposes! God can even use a donkey” (emphasis is the original authors).

My Vote for President

If you had asked me back in July after the Republican National Convention who I was going to vote for, I would have told you without equivocation that I was voting for Ted Cruz by writing him in.  My support for Cruz was not something that I took lightly.  When I first took note of his candidacy, I was hesitant. I thought to myself, who is this first term Senator with not much experience at the federal level or the executive level to think he is the best man for the job.  But I was willing to investigate him.  I

False Dichotomies: Trump vs. Clinton

Well, for the first time I was actually able to watch about 30 minutes of the debate.  What can I say, I am a busy father of six who also volunteers for my church. As I watched the debate, one thing became clear to me.  There isn’t much difference between these two candidates. If you listened to either of them and their campaigns they will try to get you to believe that they are different.  However, the fact is that most of the information you hear that you should vote for me because I am not as bad as the

Are the Republican’s Already Giving Up?

I don’t think I have ever seen this before.  With Donald Trump being almost double digits behind Clinton in the race, it seems that everyone had given up.  Republicans are making plans for a post-election Clinton presidency.  They are looking to regroup and prepare for 2020. Okay, I confess, I follow a lot of conservative social media outlets. And as such my info may be biased.  But when there is one of the top conservative commentators already planning an exit from the Republican Party before the election is even over.  It’s has to be a little dire. I will admit,

Clinton woos Mormons

With the apparent demise of the Trump campaign in Utah, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to gain voters to her side. So, what does she do.  She uses religion. I respect that they are trying win in Utah. I like that Utah is getting some recognition as a data, nad that we are no longer a fly over state.  And finally, I am glad that they didn’t hoose to go negative. Because even though that could have been an easy approach for this campaign, it would have failed. However, trying to convince me that I should vote for Clinton using