An Open Letter to the House and Senate

Dear Republican Congresspersons and Senators, For those of you elected or reelected this term, congratulations on your victory.  Whether you were reelected or if this is your first time having the privilege of representing your constituency, you have a great responsibility before you.  And while, I also mean the responsibility to lead our country and to help make it more in line with the constitution, I am writing specifically to ask you to keep the new President in line with Republican values and constitutional principles. During the campaign season, President-elect Donald Trump called for several changes that would be direct

The Case Against Seniority

This is the second in a three part series on controlling the power of our representatives.  The first in the series was on term limits. I have been putting this post off, because I haven’t really had the time to do the research that I need to write it. But putting it off isn’t providing me with the time to do the research. So, please understand that most of what I present here, is based on opinion and assumptions. One of the main arguments that I have heard in favor of term limits is that it will remove the strength