Bears Ears falls on Deaf Ears

According to the North American Bear Center, a bear’s “hearing is over twice the sensitivity of human hearing and exceeds human frequency ranges.”  A bear’s ears are their first line of defense.  If you have ever hiked in bear country you know that noise if your best protection you can carry with you.  Talking with a hiking partner or whistling let the bear know that you are there, and thus to stay away. Because if you surprise a bear he will chose to defend herself and that means trouble for humans. So, I find it quite ironic that Obama’s recent

Hands Off My Health Care

Okay, so the title is a little cliche if you are following this on the internet, but you have to admit that it is a catchy phrase, so I am using it. Carl Wimmer is in the news again.  And of course the Salt Lake Tribune needs to cast him in a negative light.  But the fact is the Wimmer is doing what is right for Utah and right for our nation. The federal government is getting too strong.  The federal government is taking more and more control over our lives. I like the way the Jason Chaffetz put it

Why McCain Palin Must Win

I won’t ask you to vote for someone I wont’ vote for.  But I feel that it is imperitive that this pair must win this election.  It is for our country’s health that I believe this is true. There are $700 billion reasons I will not be voting for McCain next month.  I can’t support anyone who wants to turn this country into a socialist state.  I am so serious about this non-McCain vote that I have sign the 110Amen Pledge.  And I hope that you will to. That said, I must state that I feel it is an imperative