The Electoral College, the President, and the States

When I started back up blogging 2 and a half months ago, one of the reasons I wanted to blog is because so often Internet memes get it wrong.  I often agree with the intent of some of the memes, but often there is some misleading information in the meme.  Here is just one example of such a misleading meme. Okay.  This map does accurately represent roughly half of the population.  And yes, each county is fairly accurately represented.  However, we don’t know that this map actually indicated how people voted.  Looking at the Guardians Presidential Map (by county), we

No matter who wins…

No matter who wins this is my country. No matter who wins I will continue to love this place.  No matter who wins I will continue living here.  No matter who wins, she or he will be my president.  That won’t mean I will agree with their policies.  That won’t mean that I will fight for their agenda.  But I will fight to protect them as an individual and to honor the office that they hold. I don’t believe that our country will be in total ruin regardless of who wins.  I won’t think that this is the “finale” season

Presidential Candidate Preview: Evan McMillan

So, I was holding off on mentioning any of the Presidential candidates until something newsworthy came up about them.  The problem is that the two front runners for the office of POTUS are such jokes, there isn’t enough media time to give any of the tertiary candidates free air time.  Not to mention, that most of the rest of the candidate are too stable to ever warrant air time because of something outrageous they did. Until now, I haven’t spent a lot of time studying McMillan.  While I think he is sincere in his candidacy, I believe that he is

Presidential Candidate Preview: Gary Johnson

So, Governor Gary Johnson is making headlines because of his gaff regarding Aleppo, Syria.  Okay, I admit I am not the strongest on world politics, and I am not running for office.  However, If someone had asked me the exact same question: “What would you do, if elected president, about Aleppo?” I would have had no idea what he was talking about.  If he had added either the words “Syria” or “refugees” to his question I would have understood him and I think I could have given a competent answer.  So, I honestly think the wording of the question was

I am Not #NeverTrump (nor #NeverHillary)

If you have had the chance of talking politics with me lately, you know that I am not a Donald Trump supporter. You also know that I am extremely unlikely to vote for for Trump.  But you may not know that I am NOT #NeverTrump. I am not #NeverTrump for the same reasons that I am not #NeverHillary.  (Wow! Is that two double negatives in one sentence?) I will definitely not be voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton to serve as our next president.  But I don’t stand in opposition to her.  Instead I stand in favor of something to be

Why McCain Palin Must Win

I won’t ask you to vote for someone I wont’ vote for.  But I feel that it is imperitive that this pair must win this election.  It is for our country’s health that I believe this is true. There are $700 billion reasons I will not be voting for McCain next month.  I can’t support anyone who wants to turn this country into a socialist state.  I am so serious about this non-McCain vote that I have sign the 110Amen Pledge.  And I hope that you will to. That said, I must state that I feel it is an imperative