An Open Letter to the House and Senate

Dear Republican Congresspersons and Senators, For those of you elected or reelected this term, congratulations on your victory.  Whether you were reelected or if this is your first time having the privilege of representing your constituency, you have a great responsibility before you.  And while, I also mean the responsibility to lead our country and to help make it more in line with the constitution, I am writing specifically to ask you to keep the new President in line with Republican values and constitutional principles. During the campaign season, President-elect Donald Trump called for several changes that would be direct

Why Bridgewater Lost

Before I proceed, I must certify that I am not qualified to even broach this subject. My qualifications are this. I have worked on one successful state-level campaign, and several other campaigns that either weren’t successful or ended before the vote. I have never been involved in party politics beyond the precinct level. My best qualification is that I have been watching Utah politics for about 7 years. And I read with great interest the posts at Utah Policy Daily on how to run a campaign. (Sorry no link, but they have started charging a subscription fee.) Now that I

I Was Wrong

This is an apology post. Because I was wrong about today’s convention. First, I was wrong about my live blogging. When I got there, they were charging for Wi-Fi access, and when I plugged in my Wireless Access Card, I had already exceeded my monthly allotment. Frankly, I am too cheap to pay. Second, I was wrong with my prediction. I predicted that the race would be near 50-50 for Lee and Bridgewater. To some friends I said that it would probably be 51 for Lee and 49 for Bridgewater. As you are well aware, it was a whopping 57%

The Poll Gone Wrong

It’s probably a little late to be posting this. But, I have been needing some more personal time lately, and so I took it. However, I wanted to address the problem that happened with the poll about two weeks ago. If you don’t know the story follow the comment stream on the post Meeting the Candidates. The Breakdown Essentially, it appears that some one set up their computer with a macro to keep logging for Tim Bridgewater (or they have no life and they just kept refreshing and voting). At first, I was very impressed with the new hits that

Meet the Candidates: Final Thoughts

While speaking with these candidates, I questioned one about one of the differences I had with the candidate, he quoted Ronald Reagan. “My eighty-percent friend is not my twenty-percent enemy.” While, I don’t know the original context of Reagan’s statement, it was explained to me that just because I may disagree with this candidate on an issue or two, it doesn’t mean I should be against them. It’s a good thought. However, as you can see from my assessment with each of the candidates. Each of them is in some part my “friend.” I have a lot in common politically